Shipments and returns

Place and time of delivery

Orders are accepted for product deliveries within the European Union, the Americas, Canada and Australia. The orders of the products that appear in the online store with the indication "Available" are executed and the products are delivered within seven (7) working days in Greece, and from (7) to (15) depending on the carrier of your choice for countries outside Greece . The order processing department and the production department are open daily Monday - Saturday from 09:00 ~ 14:30. Any order beyond the above hours will be processed the next business day. In case the deadline expires on a non-working day, then it is extended until the next working day. Delivery of products marked "Available for shipment" in areas that do not belong to the above except for the following exceptions, are made again within seven (7) working days from the acceptance of the order by the COMPANY. Exceptionally, in cases of shipment of products to remote or inaccessible areas (remote or island areas), the delivery can take place after the expiration of this period depending on the existing means of transport, the difficulty, the distance, etc. The products marked "Available - Special Order" which are put on sale only from the online store are delivered to the carriers within seven (7) working days from the acceptance of the order. The orders of the products that appear in the online store with the indication "Immediately Available" are delivered within 24 hours and until the second working day from the acceptance of the order based on the relevant terms.

The itineraries of each shipment are set unilaterally by the cooperating shipping company.

Orders that include products ordered by suppliers (marked "Upon Order") are shipped after the collection of all products in the company's central warehouses. The partial shipment of products of an order if their availability differs and you wish to be received at different times based on availability is possible by arrangement.

The above deadlines in case of force majeure events outside the control and influence of the COMPANY, such as earthquakes, extreme weather events, pandemics (indicative COVID 19 etc), stops, uprisings, decisions of competent Authorities that restrict the activity of those involved in the execution of sales of institutions and services, delays of suppliers in deliveries, etc. are likely to be extended for a reasonable period due to exceptional circumstances. The COMPANY will make every effort to better serve you, but is not responsible for delays or temporary inability to meet its obligations for the above reasons.

How to deliver an order - charges for deliveries

Deliveries to areas within the Distribution Network of the COMPANY - obligations:

The Distribution Network of the COMPANY stipulates that all Cities and regions of Greece, Countries of the European Union, America, Canada and Australia belong ..

The products and services to be delivered in the above areas and cities, after the order, are sent to the address and the recipient that the customer has stated during the submission of his order, which has been accepted by the COMPANY. The COMPANY selects the means of delivery chosen by the customer upon completion of the order. If the total price of the order exceeds the amount of 60.00 euros, the shipping cost is free. For all orders worth less than 60.00 euros, the customer is charged with a shipping cost that is automatically calculated based on the volume / product and shipping address during the ordering process. 

Deliveries to other areas of the Territory

In case the customer specifies in the order to be transferred, a place of delivery outside the areas mentioned in the previous paragraph then the COMPANY is entitled to assign the transfer of the products to a cooperating transport company, with the corresponding additional charge.

For issues related to delivery of goods the customer can contact the COMPANY at the customer service department tel. 24210 21295 (opening hours Monday - Friday 09: 00-17: 30 and Saturday 09:00 -14: 00)

Right to reject product order on behalf of the COMPANY

The COMPANY is entitled to reject and not accept orders in which cumulatively

  • The customer designates as delivery place an area other than the above
  • The customer asks to repay the purchase value by cash on delivery while it is not offered.

Provision of services by the COMPANY only within the limits of the Service Provider Network - right to refuse ordering services outside the Network

General terms for shipping products and services

The company reserves the right to modify the methods, terms and prices of shipping at will and without prior notice obliged to inform its prospective customers of these changes by reviewing these terms of use of the online store.

Collection from the store (DEPOT)

THE COMPANY provides the customer with the possibility of receiving the products and services sold through the online store, when they are available, from any physical store maintained by the COMPANY with the trademark "Stampa-Stampa" nationwide (excluding stores cooperating with the franchising system do not belong to the COMPANY). In particular, the customer is entitled to select through the online store the product / products that he wishes to receive from a store, as well as the specific store (from the existing on the website list of the COMPANY store network with the trademark "Stampa- Stampa ') from which he wishes to receive his order, if the item is available for delivery at this store,

This possibility is provided for collection on the same day (if the item is available) and up to 3 working days of the COMPANY store with the trademark "Stampa-Stampa". The customer will be able to come to the store of his choice, to pick up the items sold, after at least half an hour from the submission of his order through the online store (for example, if the customer places an order at 14:00. m., will be able to pick it up from the store he has chosen at least after 14:30 pm).

In case it is found that a user abuses this possibility provided to him by the COMPANY (eg repeated ordering of items through the online store and non-receipt of them from the store, etc.), the latter may also refuse refuse the order of this user through the possibility of receipt from the store. In case the customer does not come to the store to receive the items sold (ie, receipt of things and repayment of the price) during the above mentioned deadline, then the order is automatically canceled, being under the dissolution condition of the above deadline part of the customer fulfilling his obligations. Extension of the deadline is possible only for reasons of force majeure, provided that they are notified in a timely manner by the customer and are confirmed in writing. In case of cancellation, the COMPANY is not liable for this reason.

Product available only in store

The COMPANY provides the customer with the opportunity to be informed about products that are located in physical stores maintained by the COMPANY with the brand "Stampa-Stampa" nationwide (excluding stores that cooperate with the franchising system). It is not possible to book or place an order through the online store for a product with the specific marking, which is purely informative. The designation "Available only in a store" is not binding in terms of its accuracy and can be confirmed by the customer only when visiting the respective store, going there if he wishes, to buy. This product may vary without prior notice, depending on the stock available.


Responsible for receipt on behalf of the customer

The receipt in each case is made by the person mentioned in the order as the recipient by presenting his police ID or passport or in general a public document suitable for proving the identity.


Deadline for fulfillment of the sale - delivery

The COMPANY is committed to the delivery times of the available products as above, unless there are emergencies, unforeseen circumstances and incidents of force majeure. In case the products are not immediately available but will be ordered from a supplier or are expected, the COMPANY:

1) After three (3) days from the acceptance of the order will inform the customer about the possible time of receipt or the fact that the supplier has not yet delivered the items and the time of receipt can not yet be set

2) After seven (7) days from the acceptance of the order, it will return with a new updated similar message.

If ten (10) days have passed since the acceptance of the order and the product for reasons beyond the responsibility of the company has not been received by the supplier, the COMPANY will contact the customer by any appropriate means (telephone, e-mail, etc.) informing him for the delay. In this case the parties may agree on further waiting for delivery, or the customer will be entitled to withdraw from the order at a loss for both parties in respect of the delayed items. The rest of the order is executed normally unless the items in the order are related, will be used as a whole and are of a follow-up nature to each other and the customer declares that the partial fulfillment of the order does not serve his needs or interests,


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