Website Privacy Policy

Date of Application : Valid from 5/25/2018

Thank you for visiting the website of the company under the name " Stampa-Stampa - Papachatzis Nikolaos" (hereinafter the " Website ") based at Pavlou Mela 34, P.O.38221, Volos (hereinafter: " the Company »).

Before using our Website, please read this Personal Data Protection Policy (hereinafter "the Policy ") carefully .

  1.      Introduction

The Company undertakes to collect and process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter " GCC "). The Company as Responsible Processor informs you about the way of collecting and processing information about you which is governed by the following terms and the relevant provisions of the GCP and the relevant current Greek and European legislation on personal data protection. 

Personal Data is any information that refers to individuals whose identities are known or can be verified (hereinafter referred to as " Personal Data ").

The protection of your Personal Data is very important for the Company, which takes measures in this direction.

This Policy sets out the type of information that our Company may collect from you and informs you about how we use this information. When you voluntarily provide us with personal information, such as your name, address or e-mail address, we use this information in the strictest confidence. Subject to the specific provisions of this Policy, no personal information is the subject of rental, sale, public posting or disclosure to other companies, organizations or websites.

This Policy applies to the collection and use of your personal information by the Company (eg information designating a specific person such as full name or email address).

  1.      What information do we collect from you?

During the exercise of our professional activity and operation of our Company, we collect the following Personal Data on a case by case basis, when you provide it to us:

  • Your personal details & Contact Details or details of persons nominated by you whose explicit consent has been obtained (name, patronymic, patronymic, contact telephone numbers, contact address, Email , activity / profession)
  • Electronic identification data (where required during the provision of Company services to you)
  • Financial data (bank account numbers, credit card details and payment methods, VAT number, Tax Office) 
  • Health Data (in case required by special shipping conditions)
  • Training level data, work history / training data in the market when you submit your Curriculum Vitae ( CV ) to us.
  • When you visit the Company website, we may collect personal data from you. This data may include your search history, IP address , screen resolution, browser you used, operating system and settings, access times, and your reference URL If you use a portable device, we may also collect data that identifies your device, settings, and location.
  • The Company reserves the right to collect non-personal user identification [type of browser ( browser ), type of computer, operating system, internet providers etc.] and / or monitor Protocol addresses Internet IP Address ) using similar technologies ( cookies ). The cookies are small text files stored on the hard disk without any user to allow access to documents or files from the user's computer. They are used to facilitate user access when using specific services and / or pages of the Website, as well as for statistical purposes. For more information about cookies used by the Website, users are kindly requested to visit the Cookies Policy page . 
  1.      How we collect your Personal Data

We collect your Personal Data directly from you indicatively in the following ways:

Direct from you:

  • Through Prints.
  • Via email.
  • Via telephone calls.
  • By fax.
  • Through all kinds of Sales / Service / Products / Employment Contracts that you sign with our Company.
  • In the context of an expression of interest on your part for the conclusion of sales contracts and for the provision of offers / services / products by our Company.
  • Through our authorized employees / associates.
  • By sending your CV online in order to apply for a job at the Company.
  • If you are interested we will contact you through the contact form located on the Website.
  • By submitting information for registration on the online membership platform (registered customers).
  • If you choose to subscribe to the Company newsletter .

By submitting your Personal Data to the Company, you consent to the use of this data in accordance with this Policy. Your Personal Data is not used for any other purpose, unless we obtain your permission, or as required by law or professional specifications.

  1.      Use - Disclosure of Personal Data

We use your Personal Data to respond to your requests in order to provide services and send products, your constant information and communication between us on issues that interest you and concern you, such as offers, product catalogs, etc.

We do not disclose your Personal Data to third parties not affiliated with us, unless required to do so by our legitimate professional and business needs, in order to respond to your requests and / or if required or permitted by law or business standards and / or and provided we have your express consent to this.  

Also, your data, to the extent that this is appropriate for the fulfillment of our contractual obligations, your best service and the satisfaction of your requests, can be forwarded to providers cooperating with the Company, such as consulting and auditing companies, any cooperating record keeping and management companies, cooperating IT companies, cooperating printing, organization and delivery services companies, transport companies and courier companies / postal companies, shipping companies.The Company in all the above cases transmits your Personal Data as long as only third parties meet our strict data processing and security standards and must act only on our behalf and have been specifically authorized for this purpose, and if they are bound complete confidentiality and the obligations provided for in the legislation regarding the collection and processing of the above data.

In addition, as provided by law, the Company may disclose your data to public authorities of any kind (indicative public services, insurance funds, tax authorities, etc.) to judicial, public and independent authorities, such as the "General Consumer Secretariat" of the Ministry. Development and Competitiveness, the Independent Authority "Consumer Ombudsman", in competent Ministries, Prefectures, Tax Authorities, SDOE, police departments, prosecutors, in approved dispute resolution bodies within the process Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), to independent auditing companies upon their legal request, if this is absolutely necessary for the defense of legal rights or the fulfillment of obligations of the Company. 

In the event of our reorganization or sale to another organization, the Company may also disclose Personal Data relating to the sale, assignment or other transfer of the business.   

Furthermore, the Company may, if necessary during the conduct of audits concerning the protection of Personal Data and security and / or for investigation or response to a complaint or security threat, make disclosures of Personal Data. 

  1.      Transfers of Personal Data to Non-EU and EEA Countries

We may transfer the Personal Data we collect from you to countries outside the country in which the Personal Data was originally collected. These countries may not have the same Personal Data Protection laws as the country in which the Personal Data was originally collected. When we transfer your Personal Data to these other countries, we take the appropriate steps to protect your Personal Data in accordance with this Policy and all applicable Personal Data Protection laws.

  1.      Legal Basis and Purpose of Use and Processing of Your Personal Data.

The Company collects only Personal Data that is necessary in order to satisfy your requests in the context of its commercial activity and its operation in general. Where additional, optional information is sought, you will be notified at the time of data collection. Under Greek and EU law (including the GCC), we process Personal Data, provided we have the legal basis to do so. Therefore, when we process your Personal Data, we rely on one of the following legal processing bases:   

  • For the execution of the contract : When the processing of your Personal Data is necessary for the fulfillment and compliance of our contractual obligations.
  • When we have a legitimate interest : We may process data about you when we have a legitimate interest in carrying out lawful activity in order to ensure the continuity of that activity, as long as it does not harm your interests. Such a case may concern the information about the products of our Company for which we were asked for information as well as about our new products.    
  • When there is a legal obligation : We are required to process your Personal Data in order to comply with a legal obligation, such as keeping records for tax purposes or providing information to a public body or authority or complying with other insurance, accounting or tax provisions. 
  • When we have your consent : We may occasionally ask for your special permission to process some of your Personal Data, and the processing of your Personal Data will only be done in this way, if you agree to this. You can withdraw your consent at any time, by contacting the Company at .  

The Company collects "sensitive" personal data only when our subjects voluntarily provide such data and have given explicit consent to its processing or when the collection of this data is required by labor law or social security laws. The meaning of "sensitive" data includes Personal Data relating to a person's race, nationality, political beliefs, trade union affiliation, religious or similar beliefs, physical or mental health, sexual orientation. Zoe.  

  1.      Network and Information Security

The Company applies all reasonable and appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your Personal Data against unauthorized access, misuse, loss or destruction. Such measures include, where appropriate, the use of firewalls, secure server installations, encryption, the implementation of appropriate access rights systems and procedures, the implementation of access control policies, the careful selection of processors, and the control of GPA and other reasonable organizational and technical measures for the provision of appropriate protection of your Personal Data, which are updated taking into account technology developments and their implementation costs.

All employees are bound by confidentiality and confidentiality clauses and your Personal Data is processed only by specially authorized personnel of the Company.

  1.      Storage - protection of Personal Data

The Company   has taken the appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard the security and protection of Personal Data   in order to securely store Personal Data and prevent accidental loss or destruction and unauthorized and / or illegal access to them, use, modification or their disclosure. Examples include:

  1.        Physical security measures such as access control and logging, security policies, implementation of secure file destruction measures, installation of security locks, etc.
  2.        Electronic security measures such as encryption, pseudonymization, access control of users of information systems, installation of security hardware and software, etc.
  3.        regular training and information of authorized users
  4.        regular adequacy checks of security systems.

Our data centers where your Personal Data is stored are located in Greece, where the Company data center is located and the back up storage location is located within the Company in a place that has all the necessary security measures. Also stored data are in partner cloud service providers whose datacenters are located in Europe. From the backup, a second copy is created in encrypted form which is stored outdoors with all the security measures. If you need more information about protection measures you can contact . 

  1.      Retention time of Personal Data

The Personal Data is retained for the period necessary to carry out and complete the processing purposes listed above, including the purposes of meeting legal, accounting or information requirements, and to meet your needs, both in physical file and in electronic form. It is clarified that we will observe and process your Personal Data for as long as our contractual relationship lasts. In the event that the relationship is terminated or terminated in any way, we will keep your data for as long as required until the relevant claims expire and in any case for as long as required by tax law, the applicable legal and regulatory framework and approved codes of conduct. We will also retain your Personal Data when you contact us to submit a query for the duration required to process your query. Once you have given your consent for direct marketing notifications, we retain your Personal Data until you cancel your registration or request its deletion or after a period of inactivity determined in accordance with local regulations and guidelines. It is pointed out that if there is a court dispute between us beyond the above processing times, we will keep your data until the end of the court case with an irrevocable court decision. After the expiration of the retention period, the Personal Data are destroyed by the paper files and the information systems of the Company or we anonymize them so that it is no longer possible for you to be identified by them. It is pointed out that if there is a court dispute between us beyond the above processing times, we will keep your data until the end of the court case with an irrevocable court decision. After the expiration of the retention period, the Personal Data are destroyed by the paper files and the information systems of the Company or we anonymize them so that it is no longer possible for you to be identified by them. It is pointed out that if there is a court dispute between us beyond the above processing times, we will keep your data until the end of the court case with an irrevocable court decision. After the expiration of the retention period, the Personal Data are destroyed by the paper files and the information systems of the Company or we anonymize them so that it is no longer possible for you to be identified by them.



  1.   Your rights regarding the processing of Personal Data


Under the GCC (Articles 12-22) you have the following rights:

  •   Request a copy of your Personal Data.
  •   Withdraw your consent when this is the legal basis for the processing of your Personal Data.
  •   Request the correction of your Personal Data if it is inaccurate.
  •   Request the deletion of the Personal Data you have provided, subject to the law.
  •   Request the restriction of processing, subject to the law.
  •   To request the portability of your Personal Data if you oi themselves provide the data processing based on consent to the execution of the contract and processing is a ytomatopoiimeni.
  •   Oppose some form of processing of your Personal Data by us.

For the exercise of the above rights, you can contact the e-mail: .    or by post or in person at the Company at the address Iera Odos 283, Egaleo, PC 12244, Athens. In case of exercise of one or more of the above mentioned rights , we take every possible measure to satisfy the request within a reasonable time, but no later than one (1) month from the submission of the request and its identification. This period can be extended by two (2) more months maximum , if the request is complex and a large number of requests.  The Company may retain the minimum necessary Personal Data , in order to safeguard its legal interests .

Finally, every customer / user has the right to submit a question to the Company on how to process and protect his Personal Data, and if he considers that any right thereof is violated, he has the right to complain to the Personal Data Protection Authority ( http : // www dpa gr / , Kifisias 1-3, PC 115 23, Athens, 210 6475600).

  1.   Politics for children

Our taireia committed to protecting the privacy of children. Please note that the content and services of this Website are not intended for children under 16 years of age. Personal Data must not be submitted to the Company either through the Website or otherwise by persons under 16 years of age. If it occurs to us that a person under the age of 16 has submitted Personal Data to the Company, without the explicit consent of the parent, we will immediately delete, after relevant information or request, such data in accordance with its deletion policy. Our company.

  1.   CalOPPA Do-Not-Track Update

The Company does not track its users on third party websites and therefore does not comply with Do Not Track DNT signals The Company does not allow third parties to collect personal data directly from our users on our Website such as through the use of third party ads.

  1.   Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company may amend this Policy. Please check the Implementation Date at the beginning of the Policy to see when it was last revised. Any revisions will take effect as soon as we post the revised Policy.

If we make substantial changes to this Policy that extend our rights to use the Personal Data we have already collected from you, we will notify you and give you the option to use this data in the future.


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