Can't Hear you EPIC Quarantine Face Mask

Quarantine face mask with quote "can't hear you over the sound of how Epic i am" in black and white. An amazing mask.

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Durable quarantine face mask! Comes in 2 sizes for adults and kids and the elastic bands will make it perfectly fit your face.
The external printed polyester layer will offer vivid and long lasting colors and the fleece layers provides additional protection against bacteria.
Our amazing designs will make you stand out from the white or blue common masks wherever you are. Choose one of our designs and match the mask to your everyday style!

100% polyester external layer

100% cotton internal layer

Slot in the middle can accommodate a filter (the filter is not included)

Non medical

Mask sizes
L  (Adults)  :18x13cm
S  (Kids) : 15x11cm

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