What Print technologies we used

Stampa-Stampa due to the wide range of products that offers has an in house dedicated production department called DPStudio.
DPStudio is able to offer almost every possible print technology depending on the material / product, quantity and design size. That mean that we are able apart from offering the best result, offer best possible price depending on product and quantity.

Bellow are the technologies we use:

HTV / Heat Transfer vinyl.

A heat transfer vinyl, also known as HTV, represents a specific type of vinyl that is being used to transfer onto fabrics with the application of pressure and heat. One of the most misunderstood technologies yet most commonly used . HTV offers good wash ability, endurance when certain rules are followed.

DTG - Direct to garment

Direct to garment printing is the process where the garment is printed directly by a digital printer and special ink.
This technology is the best choice for designs with lots of detail or bitmap designs.


This technology is used for printing on mugs, ceramics, phone cases, photo slates and in general products that are made of ceramic, stone, plastic, metal/aluminum.


We silkscreen print all our garments that are produced by volume. This process is one of the oldest but still used by many production printers.
The print result has very good wash ability but there are restrictions regarding design complexity.


We use laser printers/presses to produce all stationary, b cards, posters, stickers and decals.

INKJET (Solvent or Pigment)

We use large format plotters to print large posters, banners, wallpapers, decals with contour cut or for signage.